SAYA: Orchid Haze Lawn Suit Collection | Summer Dresses For Women

SAYA: Orchid Haze Lawn Suit Collection | Summer Dresses For Women

SAYA’s Orchid Haze Collection – A Picturesque Ensemble of Elegance and Trend

Knock Knock? Who’s there? Summers. Summers who? Oh season of the fabric lawn. Ladies, Buckle up. It’s raining designer lawn dresses out there! Time for ah-shopping. You know whose unstitched collection for summers just launched? SAYA. Premium digital prints, elegant tones and first rate fabric are some of the highlights of this beautiful unstitched lawn collection. These elegant three piece unstitched dresses are waiting to be discovered and adorned by all you beautiful ladies out there. Oh and if you cannot visit our retail store, we totally understand. COVID’s right around the corner and we all want to be safe by staying at home and practicing social distancing as much as possible. Besides, it’s the era of online shopping now isn’t it? Our user friendly website has got you covered on that front with all the articles from SAYA’s unstitched orchid haze collection uploaded on it. All you got to do is pick up your gadget, pay our e-store a visit, surf through our orchid haze collection, shop your favorites and Voila, your order will arrive at your doorstep in three to four business days. Now let’s turn to our stunning summer collection and take you on a ride to dresses we handpicked for you.

All aboard! Here we go…

Floral Fantasy, Red Hues and Digital Patterns

Oh the color red. Passionate. Dynamic. Vibrant. And most of all, romantic. This floral number by SAYA’s lawn collection is a gorgeous red toned three piece unstitched dress and it’s a perfect addition to your summer wardrobe. This vibrant number offers a stunning digital printed premium lawn unstitched shirt and dupatta paired with a dyed unstitched trouser to level up your style game.


Royal Vibes and Shades of Black, Blue and Fawn

 This blue and black beauty with geometric and floral patterns all over is hands down a must have for your unstitched suits closet. With its baroque design and premium quality fabric, you can look striking and absolute best. With this gorgeous article, SAYA has definitely raised the game of Pakistani branded clothes.

Flower Vines, Geometric Patterns and Youthful Green Tint

You know which shade in ladies dresses can never go wrong, no matter the season or type of event? Green. The color Green: instant vibes of freshness and liveliness. This lively number with a digital printed premium lawn green hued shirt adorning flower vines and geometric patterns and a premium lawn dyed green toned unstitched trouser along with a digital printed premium lawn dupatta in hues of black and brown with flower vines and twigs design will be a beautiful addition to your collection of designer lawn suits.


SAYA – A First Rate Fashion House

Contemporary Designs, Beautiful Patterns and Elegant Hues

Our beautiful orchid haze collection is an ensemble of gorgeous digital prints including floral designs and geometric patterns. Our stunning three piece unstitched collection will make online shopping in Lahore for summer clothes a fulfilling experience for you. The designs are premium and contemporary and its elegant and lively hues will leave you wanting for more. Check out SAYA’s lovely orchid haze collection exclusively available on our website and in our retail stores.

Quality, Quality and Quality

SAYA believes in producing only top notch quality textile products. When it comes to the quality of our unstitched and ready to wear dresses we make no compromises whatsoever. Our luxurious, soft and seamless fabric is coveted and adorned by contemporary women and we take pride in our fabric’s first-rate quality.

Value for your Hard-earned Money

SAYA offers its top quality products at affordable price points that are budget friendly and provide good value for your money. Our amazing orchid haze collection is worth the money spent on it, we promise.

Customer-centric Service

In case of any manufacturing defects in our unstitched or ready to wear dresses and shipment of wrong size or wrong item, our customers can raise a complaint within three business days via call, WhatsApp or email after receiving the parcel. Our customer service team will attend to your queries and ensure your ease and comfort.

All you beautiful ladies out there… We know you seek fine quality. We know you desire contemporary designs. We know style is a must for you. We have got you covered on all of these fronts at SAYA. Our fine quality and stylish orchid haze collection awaits your attention. Visit any of our retail stores or shop your favorites from our orchid haze collection online at our website. We promise we deliver quality and provide good value for your money. A very good day to you and happy shopping in advance.