Shirts For Women | Unstitched Designer Collection 2020 | SAYA

Shirts For Women | Unstitched Designer Collection 2020 | SAYA

Saya’s Unstitched Designer Collection 2020 Offers Tons of Style Inspiration

What is trending this season?

As we all know, Covid’19 has changed our lives completely. While socializing was put to a halt and workplaces started operating from home, people hardly found any motivation to dress up. However, as things are gradually coming back to normal, people are getting excited to wake up every day and dress up for work or meeting friends. With that said, what everybody is wondering is; what is the trend these days? Short shirts, or long ones? Straight pants or culottes? Well, we think that this season, you should create your own trend! Anything you think works for you, is good enough!

Make Your Own Rules

While ready to wear Shirts for women are convenient to wear, there is nothing like getting your own clothes stitched according to your unique taste. One gets restricted with designs and cuts when it comes to buying readymade clothes off the shelf. Saya has come to your rescue with our new collection of unstitched designer fabric 2020 for women’s shirts. With unstitched fabric, you can let the designer take over. So let your artistic brilliance shine through unique designs that would make you feel confident through fashion and also make you stand out in a crowd. 

Excited already? Let's find out what fabrics we have to play with! Log on to Saya.PK and take a look at our new jacquard collectionSaya’s jacquard shirt designs are made keeping in mind the clothing needs of the strong and graceful women of today. These pieces are designed to make you feel more empowered as they help to boost the spirit from within. Check out what inspires you and is your perfect power outfit!  As the weather becomes a little chillier, jacquard will be perfect for a formal night out. What could look more elegant than a classic black jacquard shirt paired with a striking maroon shawl?

These ladies’ shirts are sure to keep you the center of attention at a party. Our jacquard print shirts can be worn when going for work as well. The designers in our team have come up with some non-apologetic bolds and subtle, muted colors to cater to all kinds of clients. You can pick the one that reflects your style. There is no one-size-fits-all formula so we have a variety of dyed jacquard shirts to choose from if you prefer solid colors over prints. You can let your imagination run wild as you design your perfect dress.

The Most Sought-after Unstitched Fabric Designs

The variety of unstitched fabric designs we offer is unmatched. We have made sure that our quality is top notch, so that our customers can enjoy our luxurious clothing at affordable rates. You can explore your true style by selecting our ladies designer shirt options. Once you start browsing through our wide range of designer fabric, we doubt that you will come out of it without buying something. 

Ladies printed shirts are the latest trend these days for semi-formal wear. Whether you are inclined towards floral or abstract prints, they will look perfect when stitched as shirt kurta for ladies who are going for a modern and vibrant vibe.  We also have quite a few options to select from in our formal shirts for women collection. These include the royal looking embroidered shirts women have been swooning over since ages. The adorable details on each piece will have everyone gushing over your sense of style.

Another hot selling fabric option these days is the cambric shirt for ladiesThe soft as cotton material is ideal for Pakistan’s weather. The cambric shirts design that we have come out with include many color choices. If you love cambric shirts then it is a must have this season. Another wardrobe staple is  a white shirt for women, because nothing looks as refreshing and cool as adorning a white shirt. Women are quick to get quality white fabric because it is never wasted and works with almost anything.

You can get it dyed to match a pre-owned dupatta that you like and tailor it according to your choice. Baby blues, lilac or powder pink hues are trending this season. The fabric can also be used as it is, because one can ever go wrong in an all-white ensemble. And you also have the choice to have a trouser stitched that  can go with several shirts. So, scramble through your wardrobe and let your creative ideas flow by mixing and matching. Get hold of your favorite pieces now.

A Style That is Uniquely You

Since the Pakistani lawn brands have started taking more interest in this material, Saya has stayed a step ahead and introduced the most creative designs for casual as well as formal wear. Lawn has been an ultimate favorite since its inception. The easy-breezy silhouettes in gorgeous color palettes always feel cool to wear. The dramatic prints on the unstitched shirt fabric are so intriguing, that one does not even need to think much about the designing. You look at them and you know how you want to wear them. Our lawn printed shirts are ideal to wear during the day, as they feel light and soft in the hot weather. The material of the unstitched lawn shirts does not cling to the body which women find uncomfortable to carry.

One is sure to feel trendy in our new unstitched kurti fabric paired with denim bottoms. Kurtis are easy to wear, hence loved by our clients for office or university wear. Buying an unstitched shirt piece is also a great option to give to your friends as a gift, so that they have the liberty to stitch it according to their own taste. The is made from the best quality materials to ensure that their color does not fade away after washes. 


Shopping for clothes at Saya is a seamless process. All you have to do is log on to our website, scroll through our unstitched shirts online, and select your favorite lawn shirt designs. Your order will be ready and delivered within the stipulated time, depending on your geographical location. So, do not wait any further and order away before your favorite designs run out. It is time to revamp your wardrobe with our fresh and eye-catching collection. We strive to give you a smooth and happy shopping experience, uniquely catering to your every need.